Conveners For Subcommittees

Conveners For Subcommittees


Sr.No Subcommittees Total Members Convener
  Mar Thoma Messenger  Editorial Board 7 Dr. Mathew T. Thomas
  Mar Thoma Messenger Managing Committee 7 Rev. Aju Abraham
  Mar Thoma Messenger  Promoters 12 Mr. T A Mathew
  Besorah 4 Rev. Aju Abraham
  Mission Board   Diocesan Episcopa
a) Mexico Mission 8  
b) Native American Mission 7 Rev. Christopher Phil Daniel
c) Neighborhood Mission 12 Ms. Lexine Varugis
d) India Mission 2 Dr. Aleyamma Mathew
6 Lay Institute (LEAD Program) 13 Rev. Christopher Phil Daniel
7 Literature Society & Publications Board  6 Mr. George P Babu
8 Diocesan Website 2 Rev. Aju Abraham 
9 Ecumenical Relations 4 Dr. Varghese Manaloor
  Light to Life   Rev. Aju Abraham
11 Media and Public Relations  5 Rev. Aju Abraham
12 IT Fellowship 5 Mr. George Samuel
13 Planning Board  8 Ms. Sibu Pallichira
14 Mar Thoma Merit Award 2 Rev. Aju Abraham
15 Suvishesha Nidhi Collection (Mission Fund) 4 Rev. Aju Abraham
  Mar Thoma Media   Rev. Sibu Pallichira
17 Altar Boys and Covenant Girls 11 Rev. Christopher Phil Danuel
22 Leadership Conference 3 Rev. Christopher Phil Daniel


Mar Thoma Syrian Church Of Malabar

The Mar Thoma Church in the North American and European continent represents the dreams and aspirations of the faithful members of the Church.

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