Indian Mission

India mission serves to connect the people, especially the youth of the Diocese, to the mission endeavors of the Mar Thoma Church in India. This mission helps to create mission awareness and enthusiasm in the youths by helping them to have firsthand experiences of the life and work in the mission fields. Participants are able to take part in worship and Holy Communion services of the Christian communities in various rural villages and are able to closely observe the life of the evangelists, understand the methods of mission work, and are even able to witness the changes in the lives of the people as a result of the mission work that is being conducted. The Subcommittee usually organizes an annual ten-day mission trip to India, of which part of the expense is shared by the Mission Board to reduce the financial burden of the volunteers. However, due to the pandemic, the trip was not possible.


The India Mission Subcommittee consisted of Dr. Joe Mathew George (Convener), Ms. Thara Mathews, Mr. Binu Korah, and Dr. Annie Lincoln.