Lectionary Theme Medical Mission Sunday, Jesus Christ Who Heals
05 Sunday
First Lesson Isa 53:1-12
  Second Lesson 1Pet 2:18-25
  Epistle Acts 3:11-16
  Gospel Matt 8:5-17
Lectionary Theme Sabbath leads to the fullness of Creation, Beginning of 128th Maramon Convention
12 Sunday
First Lesson 1Sam 21:1-9
  Second Lesson Heb 4:1-11
  Epistle Col 2:13-19
  Gospel Luke 6:1-10
Lectionary Theme Beginning of the Great Lent – An Invitation for Transformation, End of Maramon Convention
19 Sunday
First Lesson Hos 14:1-9
  Second Lesson 2Pet 1:1-11
  Epistle Rom 12:1-2
  Gospel John 2:1-11
Lectionary Theme Jesus Christ who Sanctifies, Second Sunday of Great Lent
26 Sunday
First Lesson Jer 33:6-11
  Second Lesson 1John 1:5-10
  Epistle Jas 4:7-10
  Gospel Mark 1:40-45