Lectionary Theme Beginning of Twenty five Days Lent
First Lesson Isa.2:10-22
  Second Lesson 1Thes.4:1-12
  Epistle Gal.2:12-20
  Gospel St.John.1:1-15
Lectionary Theme Meeting of Virgin Mary and Elizabeth : The meeting that shares The Good news of salvation. (Bible Sunday)
03 Sunday
First Lesson Gen.33:1-15
  Second Lesson 2Cor. 1:3-10
  Epistle Rom. 15:5-9
  Gospel St. Luke. 1:39-45
Lectionary Theme Birth of John the Baptist John the Baptist: Greatest among those born of Women
10 Sunday
First Lesson Mala.3:1-4
  Second Lesson Acts. 13:17-26
  Epistle 1Cor..4:1-6
  Gospel St. Luke. 1:57-66
Lectionary Theme Annunciation to Joseph , Joseph - A Man of Higher Justice
17 Sunday
First Lesson Zeph.3:14-20
  Second Lesson 1 Cor.13:1-13
  Epistle Rom.14:13-19
  Gospel St. Mat. 1:18-23
Lectionary Theme Mar Thoma Church Day
21 Thursday
First Lesson Joe. 2:11-17
  Second Lesson Rom. 12:3-18
  Epistle 1 Cor. 3:1-9
  Gospel St. John. 20:24-29
Lectionary Theme Coming of the Saviour
24 Sunday
First Lesson Isa. 11:1-9
  Second Lesson 1 John. 4:7-16
  Epistle Acts. 3:19-26
  Gospel St. John. 1:14-18
Lectionary Theme Birth of Our Saviour. Good News to all. (End of Twenty five Days Lent)
25 Monday
First Lesson Micah. 5:1-9
  Second Lesson Phil. 2:5-11
  Epistle Gal. 4:1-7
  Gospel St. Luke. 2:1-14
Lectionary Theme With Christ in to the New Year
31 Sunday
First Lesson 1 Sam.7:1-12
  Second Lesson Rev. 21:1-8
  Epistle Rom. 8:31-39
  Gospel St. Mat. 5:1 -12