Lectionary Theme Jesus Christ who forgives sins (Third Sunday in Lent)
05 Sunday
First Lesson Isa. 33:13-24
  Second Lesson Heb.9:11-20
  Epistle Col.2:8-15
  Gospel St.Mark. 2:1-12
Lectionary Theme Jesus Christ who includes (4th Sunday in Lent)
12 Sunday
First Lesson Isa. 45:1-8
  Second Lesson Acts.10:34-43
  Epistle Gal.3:23-29
  Gospel St.Mat. 15:21-28
Lectionary Theme Jesus Chrsit who Redeems (5th Sunday in Lent)
19 Sunday
First Lesson Exo.3:1-10
  Second Lesson 1Pet.1:18-25
  Epistle Rom.3:23-31
  Gospel St Luke. 13:10-17
Lectionary Theme Jesus Christ who leads to New Vision (36th Sunday)
26 Sunday
First Lesson Eze. 37:1-14
  Second Lesson Phil. 3:7-16
  Epistle Col. 3:1-11
  Gospel St.Mark. 10:46-52
Lectionary Theme 40th Friday -Hunger to do the will of God
31 Friday
First Lesson Num.11:4-15
  Second Lesson Jam.1:12-18
  Epistle 1Thes.3:1-8
  Gospel St.Mat.4: 11